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One can have two kinds of IP addresses – static and dynamic. A static is a constant IP address, however most PCs utilize dynamic IP addresses. This is on the grounds that there are insufficient static IP delivers on the planet to deal with all the interest. In this manner, there was a need to give PCs the capacity to "share" IP addresses. A unique IP address is allocated by a DHCP worker.

The DHCP worker has a pool of IP tends to which it can distribute. It gives IP delivers to gadgets associated with the organization as they are connected to the organization. These IP addresses are just giving incidentally (hence the phrasing dynamic), and this brief period is known as a rent. After a timeframe the gadget must restore its rent – and maybe get an alternate IP address. The DHCP worker guarantees that no two PCs have a similar IP address, along these lines keeping clashing correspondences from happening. 

Windows has an underlying DHCP worker which is more than sufficient for most employments. One can allocate hardware static IP addresses however this is generally a pointless problem for most little organizations, except if the worker should be available to the outer world (for example the web as opposed to the organization intranet). There are likewise frequently DHCP workers incorporated with switches, firewalls, and switches.

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