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How has it changed the employment industry worldwide

An exact definition of "gig economy", also known as "platform economy" or "crowdwork", does not currently exist in Greek, however it could be attributed as the "platform economy", as it refers to the demand and supply of work in online platforms, where employees are neither permanent nor part-time. They usually offer work on "gigs", ie individual parts of a larger project: "gigs" for software development, for the translation of a book or a furniture assembly guide, for an architectural design, for the graphics of a video game or simply for " image tagging »on social media.
The data published on the number of people working in this way worldwide (also known as gig workers or platform workers), differ significantly from source to source. According to the latest MetLife survey, in the US, 30 million people base their main income on the "gig economy", while 67% of full-time employees would not say no to a second job at the "gig economy  According to other sources, such as the Current Population Survey (CPS), conducted by the US Census Bureau and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the percentage of people who make the most of their income from this form of work , does not exceed 0.5% of the workforce.
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